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About our Oils and Balsamics


All our Olive Oil is cold pressed Extra Virgin. With a very low acidity and an exceptional taste it has won many International awards and is available in its Traditional format or in a variety of naturally infused flavours ranging from Lemon and Lime, to Blood Orange and Wild Mountain Oregano, Pesto or Roasted Garlic.

About our Olive oils olive trees

Where is our Olive oil from?


In the fertile area of Messenia (Capital: Kalamata) the sacred Olive tree has been cultivated and cherished ever since the 12ft century BC. Positioned in the Southwest part of the Peloponnese region between the Ionian Sea to the West and the Gulf of Messenia to the South and surrounded by stunning Mountain ranges with their wild flowers and herbs, the whole of Messenia with its favourable sunny climate, is a vast bountiful Olive Grove.

Wherever you find yourself in Messenia you feel the love and pride that the people hold for the Olive and the exceptionally beautiful taste of its natural juice.


Our Balsamic Vinegar


In most cases, balsamic vinegar is made from Trebbiano, but sometimes, depending on the particular producer, Lambrusca grapes are also added. The grapes are harvested late in the season to give them enough time to naturally produce the right amount of sugar.

The freshly harvested grapes processed into a must, or grape juice, by de-stemming them and crushing the grapes to release the juice and sugars. Once the skins and pulp have been filtered out, the must is slowly cooked down in copper vats over low heat for anywhere from twelve hours to over a day depending on the size of the batch. The must is concentrated to about half of its original volume and then is ready to begin the process of fermentation and ageing.

The practice of cooking the must of grapes can be traced back to the ancient Romans: the so-called sapum was used both as a medicinal product and in the kitchen as a sweetener and condiment.

All of our Balsamic vinegars are aged in the traditional manner, using oak barrels and available in either the Classic format or in a variety of naturally infused flavours ranging from Plum, Raspberry or Italian Black Cherry, to Blueberry, Fig or Honey.

Where is our Balsamic Vinegar from?


Jorge Balsamic vinegars are produced on a family estate in the ancient City of Modena, Italy. Modena is regarded by most, especially within culinary circles, to be the only place in the World to produce “real”, authentic Balsamic vinegar, hence its name.

Balsamic vinegar of Modena became a protected geographical indication under EU law in the year 2000. It is widely used as a condiment for salads, cheese, strawberries and other fruits, as an addition to sauces and dressings or for dipping with fresh bread.

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